The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Adam was playing around in the bathroom as Jessica was getting ready to go out. Jessica sat on the toilet to pee.

Adam: “I’ll give you a penny to see your vagina.”

Oddly, that was the same gambit I used with Jessica on our first date. It didn’t work for me, either.

Which leads me to the subject of penises and vaginas.

The boys were on the Cape staying with Grandpa Michael and Granny Merle. We check in and are told by Grandpa M that for the first time, they do not want Granny M to see them naked.

A few months before Jack had started being “shy” in front of baby sitters, not wanting them to see him undress. No underwear, and definitely no penis. Now, both Adam and Jack were banning all women from seeing their naked bodies.

Jessica is not a woman, Jessica is Mommy. But it is inevitable that at some point Mommy’s Womaness will emerge and lead to banning her, too. I reach back into my memory and don’t know when this happened to me. I don’t remember being naked in front of my mother. But I do know that at some point it would have been horrifying to be wiggling my butt and penis in her view. We will wait and see when that time comes for Jack and Adam. Any guesses?

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