The Babysitter Report

A new sitter, Rickie, was with the boys. Here is her report:

Babysitter Question to the boys: Do you want a wife?

Answer: Ask me when I’m older, please. — Jack

Q: Do you want kids?

A: No babies… no one, two, three, four, five year-olds. I want them when they’re six and older. — Jack

That is the best idea. — Adam

Q: Do you want to adopt?

A: I’ll just make one… I’ll need to find a wife, though. — Jack

That’s hard because you still have to kiss your wife, even if you see a beautiful woman on the street. — Adam

I’ll definitely need a hot wife. — Jack

One so hot it’ll burn my hands! — Adam

Q: What’s different about you two?

A: We don’t have vaginas. — Adam

In Star Market, Jack turns to Rickie: “Why hello there, beautiful lady.”

And so goes another day with a sitter. Has the sitting turned into dating, at least in the guys’ minds? Are they cutting their teeth with flirting?

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