Not to (B)eat a Dead Horse, But…

We went into Germany to buy meat. You cross a very porous border, a toll booth with two police, and you drive right through. The language doesn’t change, the architecture is no different, the people look the same. On the way back, you either drive straight through, or, if you spend over a certain amount, you get your receipt stamped so that you get tax money back the next time you come into Germany to buy groceries.

We bought a few small packages of turkey, well under the meat limit. But as a reminder to anyone seeking to smuggle meat beyond the allowance, here is the printed information in our Welcome to Basel booklet:

“Meat and edible offal of cow, calf, pig, sheep, goat, horse, ass, mule or hinny, fresh, chilled, or frozen: 0.5 kg in total per person per day.”

So yes, you can get a nice piece of ass in Germany, just make sure it is properly apportioned. And bring in all the inedible offal you want: One man’s inedible offal is another’s delectable barbecue, I am guessing. No, I don’t know what hinny is, but I will gladly buy a nice piece if anyone visiting makes the request and agrees to eat it.

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