James Frey, discredited memoirist and Oprah punching bag, is apparently putting together a crack group of writers to churn out, factory style, the next Twilight/Vampire Diaries series. Well, they should stop now and hire first graders instead. Because Jack came up with something awesome.

He was discussing Animal Land with his brother in the car. Animal Land is an amazing world of high animal drama. Think Wizard of Oz scale. The boys have been developing this world for two years. And yesterday they introduced… wait for it…. vampires into Animal Land. Which is cool. But here is the awesome part: The warrior animals attack the vampires and cut their fangs out with swords and…. THIS IS SO COOL…. then use the fangs to slice off the heads of the vampires. Divine retribution of sorts, and a clear message to the marauding vampires to get the hell out of Animal Land. Let me just say it again: AWESOME.

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