Cross My Boys, Cross Me

from XXX
to Ken Wilan
date Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 9:11 AM
subject Playdate

Hi Ken. Thanks for the invitation. However, XXX has a sleepover on the 12th. Let’s find a different date.

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Adam and Jack are at a new school so I am doing some social engineering, trying to get them more integrated into the class. The teacher is helping me and recommended I hook up with the father of one of the boys in the class. I gamely introduced myself to the dad and sent him an email follow up proposing a playdate. Well, 13 fucking days later, I hear back from him. 13 days. Well, fuck you, too, Mr. Dad.

He apologized, saying the email had gotten lost in his in-box. OK, Mr. Powerful-in-demand business-guy.

He adds to this lapse by explaining that his little Special Boy already has plans for that date, and a sleep-over at that. And he didn’t even suggest an alternative date. That was left to me, the designated supplicant and suitor.

This brought out a protective emotion in me that I had always associated with Jessica engineering playdates for the guys and arranging enriching after-school activities. Now I felt it, too. It wasn’t just a date being rejected, it was my boys. My perfect lovely boys.

Well, now I’m pissed. Cross my boys, cross me.

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  • Amy Fox  On January 31, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    If you guys were here I would be thrilled to have a play date with all of you. So would Rumi, my cat. who the boys might well prefer to me.

    Sending you and Jessica much love,


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