Monthly Archives: February 2011

Coffee Porn

This cappuccino is so hot, so ready. It is waiting for you at Confiserie Bachmann. Just across from Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois on the Rhine. How convenient.

So frothy, so wet.

Spooky Fish That Live in the Sand

We went to the Basel Zoo where they have a really good aquarium. And some fish I have never seen. In this case, worm-like things that burrow into the sand and emerge and just sway in the current. These fish freak me out.
(Apologies for the inverted video. Tilt your head for more realistic 2-D effect!)

Valentine’s Day Gift, German Style

I went shopping across the Rhine in Germany. The food is cheaper and you get your tax charges back when you cross the border. Plus the grocery store is huge, shiny clean and well organized.

I was innocently pushing my cart through this family store, looking at the aisle with chocolate bars and marzipan. And, what’s that? Why, it’s two pigs fucking! A lovely Valentine’s Day gift for the honey in your life who likes almond paste and sex while wrapped in cellophane.

Sweets for the sweet.

The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Five words:

Disney on Ice … in German.