Not Made in America (Or is it?)

We were strolling through the fancy-ish ski town of Engelberg outside Luzern, gazing at the surrounding mountains (where Jack, Adam and Jessica has skiied earlier in the day), the ancient majestic stone buildings and the high-fashion (or at least expensive) jet-set clothing stores. And I see a sandwich board of a seriously messed-up man with seriously embarrassing underpants.

While his back support, elbow and knee bands, buttocks-exposing super-tighty-whities were alarming enough, there was something equally alarming about his abbreviated undershirt (how did that happen?) and his retro haircut. Why was this horrible advertisement soiling the wonder of the quaint town and alpine air? What person in the pharmacy it was besides thought this was a good idea?

There was a proud “Made in Switzerland” notice on this ad. Curious, as it was in English while everything else was in German. There is something weird going on here, possibly sinister, I just have no idea what.

Advertisement for "Gross"

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