Not Coming Soon to America

My brother-in-law found this believe-it-or-not named product at a major food store in London: “Mr. Brain’s Pork Faggots”. Bonus: it now comes with additional “rich west country sauce.”

I imagine the conversation of a die-hard fan and a grocery clerk:

Shopper: “Excuse me, I’m looking for some saucy faggots.”
Clerk: “Ah, hah, well, ah.”
Shopper: “Where do you keep the faggots?”
Clerk: “The, ahh, hmmmm. Ah, this is a grocery store, sir.”
Shopper: “Of course it is. So where are the faggots? The pork faggots.” He licks his lips. “Mr. Brain’s.”
Clerk: “Security!”

For those wondering, they’re in the frozen food section.

Mr Brain's Pork Faggots. For the record, I did not ask for it.

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