Measurement Can be Fun

I asked the guys how their school day was.

Response: “Good.”

I waited for the usual downgrade to “OK.” But instead got “Great!”

Why so great? Because they measured things in class. Both my boys tried to measure their teacher’s butt. Adam was successful. The results:

Mrs. H’s butt: 23 cm.

The garbage can in the classroom: 33 cm.

All in all, I think Mrs. H has reason to be pleased with the results.

When I pointed this out, she called my boys “cheeky” (she’s British). She was rewarded with a lollipop and the heartfelt wishes to have a great weekend. Mrs. H has a great sense of humor, and I made it clear that measuring teachers butts — any butts, really — should only be attempted with the right sorts of people. Another important father-to-sons life lesson.

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