Help Me Help Myself

The Swedish* Nanny Training Center**
* All nationalities welcome
** Formerly Bob’s Autocare and Carwash

I talk to a lot of mothers. It’s what you do on the playground waiting for your kids to come out of the school door. And nanny problems are common. Nannies who don’t cook. Nannies who are late. Nannies who don’t interact with the kids. Nannies who are great with the kids but can’t do any of the shopping, coordinating pick-up times, etc. That’s why I opened The Swedish Nanny Training Center (SNTC).

Prospective nannies between the ages of 17 and 23 are put through our Nanny Boot Camp. Not easy stuff. But if they graduate, they are SNTC-certified. The only internationally recognized certification program that combines hands-on learning with my “Ken’s Right” rigorous classroom methodology. Nannies are also rigorously trained in conjunction with our brother school, the Male Midlife Crisis Academy (MMCA).

With SNTC-certification, you get peace-of-mind. Your husband gets MMCA training instead of a red Miata, office affair or a tattoo, and I get the will to get out of bed in the morning.

Applications, with photo and one-paragraph essay on “Why the Swedish Nanny Training Center is right for me” or “What I did last summer” are currently being accepted. Go Nannies!

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