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Lost in Translation?

Guess the US title of this current American movie (the poster was seen in Paris), win a prize (subject to availability and blogger whim).

Translation, please.

Bitten By the Bavarian Bug

It was only a matter of time. If you know a little bit about me, you know I love pretzels. More than love. I need pretzels. They are youth, they are salty snack, they are my comfort food, my oral fixation, my joy in discovering new varieties of a wonderful staple. And Basel borders the Black Forest, which is to the south-west of Bavaria, home of large-breasted, blond, beer-stein-hoisting wenches. And the perfect accompaniment to the breasts and beer are… pretzels.

I found a recipe and the boys and I set out to create our first batch of Wilan & Sons Home-baked, Super-tasty, Yum-yum-style Pretzels (now available at Dean and Deluca for $35 per pretzel. And yes, they’re worth it).

We mixed, shaped, boiled and baked. It turns out, Jessica is the best pretzel shaper, Ken the worst (is there a metaphor here?). The boys are pretty good. And the pretzels? Hot, salty, home-made, delicious! Here’s a similar recipe to what we used (we did not add sugar): Food and Wine pretzel recipe.

Please Try Our Homemade Pretzels!

Swiss Curios

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Snack Inventory as a Cultural Signifier

My boys’ afterschool/before soccer snack: carrots, strawberries, rice cakes, peach nectar and dark (90%) chocolate.

My snack when I was their age: I’m guessing Devil Dogs.

What does this difference signify?

German Word of the Day

As seen in a newspaper headline: *


What might it mean?
1. Fungal sausage with meat chunks from the town of Konzept
2. Concept for the enhanced commercialization of parking spaces
3. Utilitarian approach for improved zoning of the building referendum
4. Notion put forth to reroute the traffic zone for the first referendum

*Word of the day contributed by American-born, New York City nurtured, German-raised, US-educated Man of the World and fellow Basel expat Chris.

Big, Meaty and in Your Face

The Swiss notion of classic American food…

Mmmm, mmm, barf.

A Lovely Pairing

Our friend Allison is visiting from New York City. She brought two gifts from the U.S., one requested by me, one by Jessica; we did not know of the other’s request. The goodies: A Zabars hard salami and Lubriderm moisturizer. This is shaping up to be quite an exciting birthday evening for me.

The Email Heard Around the World

Here’s a very exciting email I received on Mother’s Day:

Yeah! I’m actually sending you my first email. Although it’s taking me so long I’ll call it snail mail. Love you………”computer challenged mom”…..

Mom, welcome to the 21st Century. Here are some Internet rules for mothers:

1. Please, do not friend your son or daughter on Facebook.
2. Yes, I will sign up to follow your Tweets.
3. No embarrassing videos on YouTube, and, for the record, all videos of family members on YouTube are embarrassing.
4. No sex tapes uploaded. I’m recalling The Joy of Sex in the basket next to your bed. Please, please, please, follow this rule.
5. LOL stands for “laughing out loud.” It’s a fine way to communicate your pleasure with my emails.

Your Son

The Eiffel Tower Dance, J

The Eiffel Tower Dance, A