The Email Heard Around the World

Here’s a very exciting email I received on Mother’s Day:

Yeah! I’m actually sending you my first email. Although it’s taking me so long I’ll call it snail mail. Love you………”computer challenged mom”…..

Mom, welcome to the 21st Century. Here are some Internet rules for mothers:

1. Please, do not friend your son or daughter on Facebook.
2. Yes, I will sign up to follow your Tweets.
3. No embarrassing videos on YouTube, and, for the record, all videos of family members on YouTube are embarrassing.
4. No sex tapes uploaded. I’m recalling The Joy of Sex in the basket next to your bed. Please, please, please, follow this rule.
5. LOL stands for “laughing out loud.” It’s a fine way to communicate your pleasure with my emails.

Your Son

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