Swiss-made Shower Socks

My boys do not like bare feet. For them, happiness is socks. We were explaining this Allison, who is visiting from the States. And we went a step further, explaining that here in Switzerland socks are de rigueur for the shower. Special Swiss Shower Socks. Allison is 94 percent skeptical, but it is that 6 percent uncertainty that delights us. And wait till she gets back home and finds her very own pair of Swiss-made Shower Socks waiting in the mail for her!

Swiss-made Shower Socks
Feel the luxury, sense the excitement, keep your feet warm and protect yourself from lurking microscopic shower bugs and other unsavory creatures that may be invisibly smearing all surfaces.
These are the Finest Made Swiss Shower Socks. Accept no Imitations.
Comfort. Style. Protection. Pizzazz. If you shower without them, you are truly nude.

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