Watching the World Go By: The Movie

“Real Fiction Cinema” came to town. It is a basically a long wide trailer with a huge window. You walk into the trailer and you are in a dark movie theatre, with funky music playing. You sit in the comfortable seats and look at the “screen” which is the window onto the world. The trailers are in three locations in Basel, with each location offering a different potential for the movie. One overlooks a park (Claramatte), one a square (Petersplatz), and another sits in front of a busy intersection (Aeschenplatz).

I sat in the Claramatte location and watched university students coming and going in the street in front, riding bikes, walking in singles and pairs. There was also a guy reading a book on the stairs across the street from the trailer. Inside the darkened theatre, with whimsical music playing, it was extremely fun. It takes you outside the stream of life.

We took the whole family to the Aeschenplatz trailer, and in addition to watching the world as a movie unfold in front of us, we also decided to be actors in the film. Check out the results.

Try to visit the trailers around Basel. They are also in other Swiss cities. The simple concept belies the unique joy they bring.

Real Fiction Cinema website

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