Guest Blogger: Jessica Wilan

What I Appreciate About My Kids
by Jessica Wilan

Guest Blogger: Jessica Wilan

They don’t seem to be bothered by extreme temperatures, either hot or cold (it’s 95 degrees today!).

They never get annoyed at me reminding them, again and again, to use their forks at the dinner table.

They make up songs when they brush their teeth, get sunscreened, sit around the house, etc.

They harmonize to each others’ songs.

They shower affection on their cats.

They run after Basel the cat every time he runs out the apartment door and down the stairs.

They are delighted when we buy them a treat at the kiosk in the park but never complain when we say “not today.”

They think Weird Al is hilarious.

They are starting to get bored of Harry Potter (halfway through book 6, starting from Book 1 less than a year ago, you can bet I am too).
They now like to “multi-task” and browse other books while Ken or I read HP out loud.

They have created a whole world of animals, witches, and zombies that has its own creation myth and where animals have magic powers, are creative and industriousness (cow runs a kosher for Passover restaurant and owns a store called “Extremely Dangerous”), and live green (no gas needed in cars! No exhaust pipes!) and where boys can marry boys and have babies with each other and also with themselves.

This land is a secret and nobody can know about it – we are not allowed to mention it in public.

Their reading has developed very fast this year and they are getting more adept at surfing the Internet (uh-oh).

They love all food, especially spicy stuff and olives.

They’ll try anything.

They find something wonderful about every restaurant we eat in and every hotel we stay in.

They always want to ride their scooters or bikes.

They like helping me dump the metal and glass at the recycling center.

They have affirmed my brother’s entire childhood by worshipping him for knowing everything about superheroes.

They love their grandparents and anticipate visits for months.

They read aloud to each other.

They have little to no anxiety about all new experiences.

They may doubt us initially in some things but afterwards if we were right, they will tell us we were right!

They are getting really good at judo.

They are getting really good at soccer.

They are getting better at skiing and swimming.

They have no fear in the water.

They love catching frogs.

They love watching Top Chef.

They love sweeping the kitchen floor.

They have bizarre aversion to being barefoot.

They remind me of things that have happened to us (or that I have said to them) that I have forgotten.

They want to be Pokemon Designers when they grow up.

They like to have staring contests with me.

They are good at board games.

They listen intently to my stories about when I was a kid.

They kiss each other.

They tell me I am the prettiest woman in the world.

They have decided that one of them will marry me and we will have babies, and the other will marry Daddy and they’ll get an egg from me to make their babies.

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  • David  On June 29, 2011 at 2:59 am

    First, welcome to blogging!
    Second, this piece is awesome…I have seen a few of these things myself. They are awesome 🙂

  • Juliette  On July 1, 2011 at 6:55 am

    Awesome entry, Jessica! Hope all is well in Switzerland or wherever your summer travels have taken you!

  • Sarah  On September 24, 2011 at 5:49 am

    Sounds like the kids are growing up – wonderful. From your tri buddy in S.F.

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