Hunter Gatherers

We went clamming yesterday. My father has a clamming license, and we all headed to spectacularly beautiful Monomoy Beach in Chatham with nets, clamming rakes, buckets, sunscreen, towels, water and beach chairs. Jessica and my mom read magazines as the men fulfilled our biological destiny and raked the bottom of the ocean for bivalves to sustain the family.

My dad and I started, and then the boys did some raking. We came up with lots of clams, a few crabs, an abundance of horseshoe crabs, and one little fish (which Jessica delicately released from the rake tine). We then went onto the beach and foraged for steamers. The method was simple, though required patience: look for a small hole in the sand and dig. You needed to be delicate as steamer shells are easily crushed. Jack and Adam proved to have the winning touch, bringing in about five steamers.

All told, we had about 42 clams, which my dad cooked up and served in an awesome broth. For one evening, we lived off the land (full disclosure: we had backup from the pizza delivery guy).

Clam Hunters

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