Page Six / U.S. Trip Confidential

What sexy international couple was seen in wetsuits surfing the afternoon away at beautiful Nauset Beach on Cape Cod?

Which young boy did the Trivia King of New York admonish: “Please do not lick my computer screen.“? (disclosure: No Wilans had their tongues near the laptop)

What 3-year-old little honey created by one of Ken’s best friends and his wife developed a crush on Jack and Adam and insisted each hold her hands as they walked through the West Village towards Union Square?

What super cutie donned a skirt and played on-stage assistant at Cambridge’s most exciting and smart trivia entertainment show? And what brooding relative lurked behind the stage, writing at his laptop and popping out at key moments to act as company photographer?

What children danced in the surging water fountain in Washington Square Park during a 100+ degree day, with the Delhi-in-the-summer stink of the pale yellow-brown fountain spray wafting over to the four parents ignoring the typhoid-water smell and chatting away in the shade?

What tall, handsome, sensitive fella was observed being screamed at in separate incidents by his mother, mother-in-law and sister?

Which NYC house host made a surprisingly tasty lemonade alcoholic beverage and then got so blasted on his own cocktail that he stripped naked, donned a pair of Red Sox underpants, ran out the door and paraded down Sixth Avenue screaming “Yankees Suck, I love turkey so much!”? Well OK, he did make a tasty beverage.

Which Brookline resident and soon-to-be pizza impresario was kind enough to welcome a dripping Ken into his house as he had just run 3 miles from Boston and offer him not only a delicious meal but also a shower?

What smoothed-legged captain of industry came as close as this observer has ever heard to screaming an entire curse — though he stopped after the first syllable — in frustration at a golf ball sent into the ditch on the ninth hole?

Which California girl traveled all the way to NYC from So Cal via New Jersey just to see the Wilans, even after flying out to Basel a few months before to be with them?

What couple and their two boys trusted Ken with the helm of a Boston Whaler as both families plied Pleasant Bay, swam off the boat, almost drifted onto an island, and for brief time periods turned the skippering of the boat to the 7-year-old and under set?

Who took Ken out to a terrific lunch at Elephant Walk and is still owed the best Swiss chocolate from the secret store in Basel?

Which lawyer, sailor, painter and clammer got busted by the Harbor patrol for letting his non-clamming-licensed son experience the joy of raking the bottom of the ocean and coming up with clams?

Which couple sweated out an 85 degree and extremely humid 5-mile run on Cape Cod along with Ken and Jessica? Which male of that couple had to listen to Ken ramble on for the entire 5 miles? Which male and Ken decided while running that the world needs a new uber man a’la Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 90s, and that the first nomination is the smart, brooding, physically fit Daniel Craig?

What group worked like a champion restaurant team and whipped together an amazing birthday celebratory dinner featuring cooked-and-spiced to perfection toasted coconut Asian rice and fish in curry sauce?

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  • Nicole  On August 8, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    Another fantastic post (and where, oh where, are my chocolates? 🙂

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