Heat Frustration Productivity Index: Extremely High

I am being driven crazy by the heat. Above 90 degrees and no air conditioning drains the brain of the ability for useful cognition and makes everyone bitchy.

It is very hard to get anything done. I douse my face with cold water, dry off, and 30 seconds later there are beads of sweat forming on my scalp and dribbling over my face. I want to concentrate, to get work done, but my wet armpits are sticking my arms to my chest as I try to type. Heat is not conducive to productivity.

So here’s my theory: There’s a perfect latitude for getting work done. It needs to take into account two considerations:
1. Temperature
2. Light

Any place too hot for too long, and productivity sinks (think South America). But equally important, any place which may be cool but has long dark winters is equally an unproductive environment for its citizens (think alcoholism and other maladies from the lack of light, think Denmark and Russia).

Defining productivity is a tricky thing, because it can be a lot of things and have a lot of causes. Politics, economics, labor force, etc., etc., all have an impact. My definition is Ken-centric, off course. It is basically where can I be most productive? That mainly means sitting at a desk and gazing into the glow of a computer screen and accomplishing something. So we’re talking knowledge workers.

So, what latitudinally (and longitudinally) speaking may be a Productivity Paradise? I have done an analysis by coordinates. See if you can guess the cities by their numbers:

City One: 37 degrees 46′ 30″ N / 122 degrees 25′ 5″ W

City Two: 47 degrees 22′ 0″ / 8 degrees 33′ 0″ E

City Three:49 degrees 15′ 0″ N / 123 degrees 8′ 0″ W

I am sure there are additionally productive cities based on latitude/longitude analysis, but I am too damn hot to find them.

(Answers: 1: San Francisco / 2: Zurich / 3: Vancouver)

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  • David  On August 25, 2011 at 12:57 am

    San Francisco meets all those criteria…plus is beautiful and the quality of life is great.


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