Fruit Organizers as a Metaphor for the Swiss Approach to Living

The boys’ awesome German tutor, Debbie, was digging through her bag looking for some books she had brought over for Adam and Jack. She started emptying the bag, and brought out a long, curved, yellow plastic enclosure that resembled a banana.

“Cool, a banana pencil case,” I said, picking it up.

Debbie smiled. “Ah, it’s for a banana.”

As banana’s come nature-wrapped, I found this redundant and told her so. She then pulled out an orange-colored round plastic orb. “For an orange.”

“That’s so Swiss,” I exclaimed. “Over-engineered and over-organized.”

Debbie is Swiss, so she is polite and just smiled at me.

But fruit carrying cases? Maybe for grapes that can be squashed, or a kiwi that can be bruised. But specific carrying cases for a banana, or an orange?

These are not bad things, of course. Well designed. Keeps things clean and in their place. But, maybe, just maybe, a bit too organized and structured?

I would, however, buy in a second a Slim Jim carrying case. Now that would be just the thing.

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