Extra Sterk, of Course

We stocked our Amsterdam apartment with the essentials, which included toilet paper. Eventually I noticed some curious print on the packaging: “Extra Sterk”.

I have no idea what it means, and I actually never need to know. I just know it sounds cool as hell. I will now be asking for everything with extra sterk.

“Steak, medium rare, extra sterk.”

“Two shirts dry cleaned. Extra sterk, of course.”

“Dry vodka martini, shaken, not stirred, three olives, extra sterk.”

“Dude, the waves were extra sterky today.”

“This vitamin promotes good circulation, this one is for antioxidants, and this one is for extra sterk.”

“The numbers all go to eleven. Eleven. Exactly. Extra sterk.”

“I’m feeling extra sterky today.”

“Something is different about you. New haircut? Lost weight? I know, extra sterk! Nice.”

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