Jack-O’-Kitty / Boys Experiment with Genetic Engineering

Adam and Jack are very much into the idea of Mad Scientists. So it was a no brainer (literally, not a very good idea) when their Dad agreed to their request to try out a Halloween-meets-Genetically-Modified-Organisms experiment.

We sampled some DNA from Basel, our deliciously curious and trusting cat, and some pumpkins the boys recently carved with their Granny Merle. We then smeared the DNA on Basel’s very expensive, hypoallergenic, protein-encapsulated, tasty-as-all-get-out cat food (Basel has a food sensitivity and also an exquisitely calibrated palate). Basel ate the food, incorporating the DNA into his system.

We then put Basel into our DNTTAH (Dual Neutrino Tri TetraCool Anti Homologue, or Do Not Try This At Home) machine. Flicked the “on” button. Blew out all the electrical curcuits in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (disclosure: Liechtenstein only has two blenders, a toaster and one electrical bidet, so no big deal). Waited for Jessica to stop asking why her hairdryer had just stopped functioning, and opened the DNTTAH door.

It worked! Jack-O’-Kitty!

And no worries. It lasted only two minutes until Basel returned to his normal state. Though he does now have a delicious pumpkin pie smell about him.

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