Smile Project

Beep, Beep... SMILE!

I finally gave in to the iPhone and allowed them to know my location. I was motivated by a story about a guy who left his iPhone in a taxi and was able to find it only because he could track its whereabouts. I, however, got an unexpected dividend.

I am now able to type in tasks and have a reminder alert go off when I leave a certain area. So as a test and a whim, I typed in my first task: Smile. And set the alarm to go off every time I left the house. And it is great! I never remember it is going to happen, but when the alarm goes off and I look down, there it is: “Smile.”

And it makes me smile.

This morning I was grumpy. Because it was Monday, and because it was the morning. The boys and I were walking to the tram and my alarm went off: Smile.

So I smiled.

After dropping the boys off, I went to a downtown cafe to work. I was the next in line, and then a man cut in front. I muttered something in English but also indicated with body language that I was next in line. He seemed to understand, but when it was the next person’s turn, he pushed ahead.

I got a shot of pissed flooding my system, but then I quickly smiled. It’s OK, I told myself, who cares, this is not a big deal. I was becoming more relaxed because I had already smiled once this morning, and had been smiling every day. I felt better.

And then the barista who has asked the guy what he wanted turned to me and smiled. “Hi!” she said. “What do you want?”

She was ignoring the guy and taking my order!

“How are you?” she continued. And then I realized I knew her. She owned a hip local artists store where I had bought a travel bag.

I ordered by double espresso and talked to her as she simultaneously filled my and the guy’s orders.

My espresso came and I pulled out my coins. But she said “No, no, this coffee is for you. It is on the house.”

I give you the power of the smile.

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  • Nicole  On October 31, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    This post makes me smile, and you should smile more often–you’ve got that “I’m-up-to-no-good” sparkle about you when you do. Hope the whole crew is well!

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