Galata Bridge/Experience Istanbul

The Galata Bridge spans the Golden Horn, an inlet of the Bosphorus strait. The Bosporus forms part of the boundary between Europe and Asia, and connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara (which eventually leads to the Aegean Sea and then the Mediterranean).

I love saying “Bosphorus”: it sounds sparkling and mysterious. I also like a body of water called the “Golden Horn,” and the prospect of setting sail just off the bridge and traveling to the beginning point for Odysseus’ journey home. The Galata Bridge is a very cool spot.

Seafood restaurants line the lower part of the bridge, offering freshly caught and cooked sea creatures, Turkish tea and coffee, a nice breeze, and a great view of the ferries, barges, and cruise ships crisscrossing the Golden Horn, and both the European and Asian sections of Istanbul.

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