Sugar and Nostalgia: Kandy Korner!

Every summer growing up, we would come to Cape Cod for a week with my cousins. One of the highlights was the ritual trip to Kandy Korner on Main Street in Hyannis. It was a bright little store filled with big jars of penny candy. Our parents allowed us as much candy as we could fill in a wicker basket you grabbed at the entrance.

As a kid, everything about the trip to Kandy Korner was exciting: The anticipation, the wide-eyed dash around the store filling up the basket, the candy comparisons and trading with my sister and our cousins, and, of course, eating the candy over the course of the vacation.

Sweetly, not much about the experience changed.

Telling Adam and Jack about it was exciting, and I was thrilled first spotting the store as we walked down Main Street. Once inside, I saw the space had grown much larger, extending farther back and now also selling t-shirts, jewelry and souvenirs. But reassuringly, there was still a stack of wicker baskets at the entrance.

Adam and Jack wandered wide-eyed and smiling down the candy-jar cluttered aisles, half-filling their baskets with jawbreakers, sour gummy things, taffy, and other various and sundry candies in multiple shapes, sizes, colors, and packaging. While I would have let them get as much candy in their baskets as they could, they were happy only going half way.

I grabbed some old favorites, including Razzles, Bit-O-Honey, Bazooka gum and Gobstoppers. The disappointment was the Chunky chocolate bar with nuts and raisins: It was not the exotic and delicious top-of-the-line candy bar of my youth. Instead, the chocolate tasted chalky, cheap and too sweet, and the nuts and raisins seemed old and merely an afterthought as opposed to an integrated part of the Chunky experience. But the Razzles and Bit-O-Honey hit the spot, showing Jessica the legendary Kandy Korner made me happy, and being there with my kids was the real thrill.

Tripping on sugar and nostalgia. Kandy Korner, Cape Cod.

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