Wacky Candy Day, Here at Last!

Dateline: Basel, Switzerland. Last Saturday in September.

Children, the young at heart, and anybody with a sense of joy, wonder, and happiness  … or in need of it…  open your windows today and smile and shout.  Embrace all that is good and amazing. It is the last Saturday in September…  it is Wacky Candy Day!

Wacky Candy Day has been celebrated for centuries, a truly global holiday embraced by everyone, everywhere. Whether it’s pine cones dipped in melted sugar, honey over ice, salted licorice, taffy, jelly beans, gummi bears, sumba-sumba, pezywezy, callwowwow, dezlecious stixx, licklick or any of the other thousands of candy treats, it all translates as fun!

Sharing Happiness

As any adult can tell you, having learned it themselves as children, Wacky Candy Day is about joy, silliness, fun, imagination, creation and sharing. It’s about amplifying and embracing the sweetness outside and within.

People from different countries and cultures and individual families all celebrate Wacky Candy Day — always the last Saturday in September — in many different ways.

How We Celebrate

Here’s our family’s tradition. Perhaps you’ll share yours?

1. Wacky candy is selected. Each family member selects one type/package of wacky candy. This can be done ahead of time, or as an exciting day-of family outing.

2. The day begins with the broadcast of Gene Wilder singing “Pure Imagination” from the album Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. We use this to gently wake the children up.

3. This is followed by the broadcast of “The Candy Man” sung by Aubrey Woods from the same album.

4. The entire album is played throughout the day.

5. Dad dances to the album throughout the day. Children’s screams and pleas of “stop” go unheeded.

6. At the right moment of the day, generally following lunch, wacky candy is opened, enjoyed and shared.

7. Dad preforms the “Yum” dance. Mom joins in.

8. Home-made candy making may take place.

9. The game Candy Land is played. With real candy!

10. Joy permeates the house. A movie is often watched.

11. No dessert tonight. Because the entire meal is dessert!

12. At bedtime, “Pure Imagination” sung by Gene Wilder is replayed, lulling the children to sleep.

Happy Wacky Candy Day to All!!!

Happy Wacky Candy Day! We got our wacky candy in France this year.

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